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We’re interested in buying homes in Iowa for cash! We want to make getting cash for your property fast and simple for Iowa home owners. To get started, simply fill out the quick form, and a member of our team will get ahold of you to discuss the process.

We’ll even pay back taxes & closing costs.*

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    How do I sell my Iowa house for cash?

    Simply reach out to Iowa Cash Offers through the contact form to get in touch! We’re not mortgage brokers and we are not a hedge fund. We’re private Iowa real estate investors aiming to help you sell your house for cash and provide our partners with an available supply of eligible homes in Iowa for purchase. To expedite process, our cash offer position puts us in a position to get more cash in your wallet with no fees or commissions! That means you get a transparent, quick, and simple turn around on getting cash for your property.

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    During the first phase of the process, we’ll determine an agreed purchase price. The amount of your offer will be determined on various current market conditions, property size, and other valuation metrics. If we’re interested in purchasing your property, all we need is your acceptance of the offer and you’ll be one step closer to cash in your bank account.



    Before we can close on the property, we will perform typical due diligence on the property. This can usually be performed in a matter of a few days and then we will organize the closing documents and email them to you.

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    Lastly, you fill out and sign the closing documents and once they are complete return them to us by email. Once they are received, we will send you your cash! The amount of your offer is the actual cash amount you will receive! There are no hidden fees and we handle all recording processes and closing costs. Generally, you will receive your payment within a week or two of accepting an offer!

    Why Choose Iowa Cash Offers?

    Trustworthy | Experienced | Efficient


    The purchase price agreed upon is the amount you receive. There are no hidden costs and we handle all processing and closing costs.


    Recording fees, closing costs, back taxes, and other costs can be factored into the offer, allowing you to focus on your cash offer.


    Payments are usually made within a week of two of making an offer as we are all cash offers!


    We guide you through the process and handle all the paperwork.

    Frequently Asked QuestionsUsing an AgentUsing Us
    Are there commissions?On average sellers pay a 6% commission.None!
    What are the closing costs?Typically, buyers request 2% to be paid.None!
    Are there contingencies?Buyer contracts are full of contingencies.None!
    Is an appraisal required?Buyer offers are subject to appraisals.None!
    How long does a sale take?Properties take around 90 days or more to sell.Immediate cash offers!
    When is the closing date?It may take up to 60 days to close.10-14 days!
    *We will pay all closing costs, back taxes, and recording fees within reason. Closing dates are not guaranteed.

    Who We Are

    We are a group of real estate investors operating in Iowa and the surrounding area. Our objective is to connect motivated sellers with motivated cash buyers. We partner with local real estate investors looking for property acquisitions in Iowa. Where real estate brokers profit from commissions, we connect buyers and sellers directly!

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